Dance Exposé Productions presents Titanium


By Angela Ollison

Dance Exposé Productions is presenting Titanium this weekend at The African American Performing Arts Center.

Lisa Delgado Lindquist Dancer, describes the style of Dance Exposé as ‘variety’, saying, “You’ll see every single style in the show. There’s something for everybody. That includes jazz, hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, tap – there’s everything in the show.”

Erin Allen, Principal Dancer and Choreographer with Dance Expose describes her experience with the company, and her passion with the art form, “I’ve been dancing since I was five-years-old. I am forty-five now, not ashamed to admit it. And to have the opportunity to reignite my passion in the past sixteen years that I’ve been with Dance Expose is amazing.

“I mean, at forty-five, just like we’re talking about with the Olympics right now, there’s a few Olympians who are what people would say are ‘past their prime’ at that age, so to be able to perform at this age is amazing for me.”

The African American Performing Arts Center
Tickets available online or at the door.
Show opens August 12



August 12th, 2016

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