“So, what is going on this weekend? Dance Exposé Productions White Gold! Should you go? Oh YEAH!!! It is an amazing, delightful, funny, impressive and just flat out awesome show! There is literally something for everyone in the show no matter age or interest in dance. Keeping in mind that I’m a bassoonist (who studied ballet when she was six). I was extremely impressed with all the dancers in the company. They worked together like all the different sections of a symphony. Lines flowed from one to the other, smoothly and seamlessly. It was really beautiful.

Erin Allen was a complete delight, her number The Doll was just incredible, talk about having a dancer’s strength! Wow..Then she turned around with several fantastic vocals that were a total treat. Her father, Tom Allen, also showed some pretty impressive vocal chops, on top of some excellent dancing.

Tim Nguyen was (as always) a complete delight. Never ceases to amaze me how much fun he is on stage. Bradley Fuller is still the cutest thing I’ve seen in years…and boy can he dance! Annie Trice had a charming tap routine in the first act, (That Beat) followed by a fun, romantic (and a bit silly) dance with Toxic (both of which she choreographed!). Lisa Lindquist had me quite convinced that she was Mary Poppins in Supercala and then turned around in the final number to create a very sensual woman completely in control.

Edye Allen’s choreography throughout the show was stunning. Her use of the stage and grouping is just fascinating to watch, not to mention a ton of fun! Erin also had some amazing choreography as did Jennifer Sanchez and Deidre Michelle. The lighting by Jon Glasrud really made all the choreography pop. His use of color and imagery was just spot on.

Needless to say, this really isn’t a show to miss. Thank you, Dance Expose!”

– Dee Skinner